Bahamas – I found Heaven

Visited August 2008

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How does one exactly describe heaven on earth? Beautiful? Breathtaking? I’d say, Bahamas! There aren’t many words I can find that illustrate how absolutely amazing Nassau, Paradise Island and Castaway Cay are. At first glance of Nassau you may find: freaky crazy drivers, uneven sidewalks and somewhat creepy looking people, but once you look closely you find the drivers are only freaky because they are on the wrong side of the road, the sidewalks are only uneven if you step in the wrong place and the people are anything but creepy! If you’re lucky while strolling through the tiny streets of Nassau you might find yourself stumbling along a remarkable staircase build by slaves long ago or maybe even an ancient fort built to protect the city during the 1700’s. Paradise Island has some unbelievable sights to see! Not only is it home to a hotel that only the richest in the world can afford, but it has some of the most glorious beaches I have ever laid eyes on! Beautiful pounding waves, soft white coral beaches and warm glistening sunshine. Walk far enough from the hotel and you’ll feel like you have the beach to yourself! Pop on that snorkeling gear, jump into the crystal clear water (in a place without so many waves) and you’ll see bright colored schools of fish along with some scary guys like the barracuda! If you ever have the grand pleasure of enjoying a Disney cruise, then you will be one of the privileged to go to their private island, Castaway Cay. Here I thought the water could never look more gorgeous then it did on Paradise Island, I was wrong. After disembarking from the astounding Disney Wonder cruise ship, you’ll find yourself gazing at another astonishing but familiar looking ship. The Flying Dutchman from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean has docked for good at Disney’s Castaway Cay. Absolutely amazing, especially to a Pirates fan! The snorkeling on the island over met any expectations I had flowing within me, never have I swam with so many fish in my life, including jellyfish and more unexpected barracudas! You’ll also discover sunken ships, buried treasure boxes and of course Mickey Mouse on the ocean floors at Castaway Cay! There are numerous excursions to enjoy while on the island. Parasailing was on the top of our list! It’s a definite for sure - must do, even for those like me that are scared to death of heights! It is worth the remarkable view and the feather-weight feeling! Castaway Cay is a must do in my book, you’ll never be sorry about the lazy hours on the beach, discovering thrills in the ocean or stuffing your face with free food on land! I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

Bahamas – I found Heaven
Bahamas – I found Heaven

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