Ghost Town, Gilmore, ID

Visited May 2008

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What to Bring

Mainly get yourself here and have appropriate clothing for the time of year. There are no bathrooms or services in Gilmore. The closest services are in Lead Ore which is approx 15-20 minutes away.


Easy to get to, has harsh winters and cool summers. Best not to visit in the winter where the well paved dirt road could become impassible. Nearest town is Leadore, Idaho, where if you want you can buy or trade for bear skins from local trappers. Meadow lake is nearby and offers unparalleled mountain beauty including holding a greener water often associated with high mountain glacial lakes.

Gilmore, Idaho
{44.45658733769998,-113.28424147246096}: 44.45658733769998, -113.28424147246096

Many structures still standing, many slowly failing. The town failed after the smelter burned down in 1910. Though mule teams pulling Freight wagons originally did most of the work at its height Gilmore boasted a rail spur where ore was shipped to Montana. The town limped along until 1929 when the final remaining mines closed up their shafts.


Ghost Town, Gilmore, ID
Ghost Town, Gilmore, ID

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